Here is a door that we renovated, as can be seen from the result it has a beautiful pine grain which was only revealed after several coats of paint had been removed, our standard renovation procedure goes like this:

 1. Remove all the fixings (handle, lock-sets, hinges etc), if in serviceable condition then clean and lubricate for replacement.

2. Carefully remove glass and if in good condition then clean to be ready for replacement. The fillet strips that hold the glass in place normally require replacement so prepare new ones for replacement.

3. The old finish is then to be stripped, it is not uncommon for old doors that are made from several pieces like these ones, to be held together with organic glue. This will be dissolved by chemical paint stripper. So the method of stripping off the paint always depends on the age, type of wood (some types can be also damaged by chemical strippers) and method of construction. As with all sanding, you start with a coarse grade of sandpaper and gradually use finer and finer, finishing with steel wool to prepare the surface for whatever type of finish is to be used.

4. Damage/holes can be repaired with wood filler but this is not suitable if you will be able to see through the final finish (lacquer, varnish, oil etc), in this case it is necessary to cut and fit new pieces of similar wood, the final result is more attractive.

5. The final finishing type is applied, in the example show a linseed oil used, it is organic, adequate to protect internal doors and brings out the natural beauty of the wood.
6. All removed glass and fittings are refitted (replaced with similar if damaged).

BEFORE                                                                                 AFTER