You are probably thinking "Why would Timberjack publish step by step overviews on projects they have undertaken, I might as well follow them, do it myself and save myself some money!"
Well, good point.... but, here are two good reasons to start with:

1. Any project you consider undertaking must have a good reason behind it (solving a problem or creating an improvement) in order to justify the time and money that you are prepared to put into it . To trust it to somebody else takes confidence, especially when there are so many horror stories of jobs done by so called 'professionals'. If you are not happy with the result, the damage and/or cost may not be recoverable. If it is possible to see beforehand, the way the work will be done, this in itself inspires confidence.

2. If you have a basic understanding of what facilities are involved in the work, not just an equipped workshop and specialist tools, but also the required raw materials and fixings, it soon becomes apparent that it may not be such a 'money saver' to undertake the work yourself. This, coupled with the fact that many materials are required to be purchased in minimum quantities, and that even the most careful amateur is vulnerable to costly, if not irreversible mistakes, it may be more economical to put it into the hands of a professional that you can count on.

Sometimes, what initially appears to be a an improvement/solution, can have a negative effect, conflicting with other elements of the building, creating new problems that didn't exist before you had the work done, for this reason I have included advice on how to avoid detrimental procedures with may help avoid potential nasty shocks.

The advice that I offer comes not only from my personal experience as a carpenter but also as a fully qualified UK Building Surveyor (Bsc Honours degree), a former UK government building inspector and over 20 years experience in the construction industry.

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